The Ascent to Vårlivarden ~ Oil on fine linen 60 x 40 cm

Find this painting in the sale room

One of my favourite places here in Norway is Vårlivarden, it’s a short hike with a few climbs involved. We take our dog up there often and I’m always moved by the magical feeling this place inspires. The Ascent to Vårlivarden is my second painting of this region and is of the plateau we rest at after the first tricky little climb.

The first painting was a huge success and was sold to a buyer here in Stavanger. It was painted in acrylic and used as the submission piece that got me into the Sky TV Landscape artist of the year competition. I’m more pleased with the second one, it’s done in my preferred medium, oil and on very fine linen. I think it has a connection to my first painting but a charm and personality of its own. I always know if I’ve hit my goals with a painting when I can’t stop looking at it and even look at photos of it when we are apart and this was one of those paintings.

Something just clicked with this painting, I used thin paint in places and applied thick paint with a knife in others, I used big flat edged brushes, smaller rounded brushes and even the sharpened reverse end of the brush, the colours are vibrant but not over saturated and the composition feels right. My favourite thing is the group of very typical Norwegian building that the natural lines in the painting lead the eye to, I hope you agree it captures this part of Norway. If you’re nearby you can drop in and view it or look in the sale room to buy.

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