About the artist

John O’Neill was born in Belfast in 1966 and moved to England in the early 1970’s. At school he used art to express scenes he witnessed as a child on the streets of Belfast during the troubles. From then on painting and drawing became embedded into the fabric of his life.

Serving in the Royal Navy, John painted landscapes, portraits of loved ones and caricatures of the crew. In later life this deep connection with painting continued and exploration into other mediums and experimentation developed. Johns work includes oil painting, acrylic, dry medium, watercolour work, linoprinting and encaustic painting. His most popular medium is oil however he prefers the freedom to choose other subjects and mediums when his appetite to explore drives him to.

Now, as a contemporary landscape painter, John has spent time living in other countries including South Africa, The Netherlands and Norway capturing the colours and textures of the places he connects with. In particular, the natural beauty and moody atmosphere he found in Norway made a deep impact in his painting, sparking a prolific period of landscape painting between 2018 and 2021, and continues into the present day.

John has exhibited in the UK and Norway and sold work in the UK, Canada, Norway, the USA and many European countries as well as appearing on Sky Arts as a landscape painter in 2019 and 2020.

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