Echt Aberdeenshire


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I don’t know if it’s me but when out in the Scottish landscape, I see purple much more than any other place I’ve painted. These views are stunning, I love the farmland and buildings and feel the view hasn’t changed for a couple of hundred years.

These days I spend a lot of time exploring and make sure I have my painting gear with me, usually my dog, lots of warm winter clothes, including a stove and some food, and set up to paint the cold, haunting and atmospheric winter countryside views.

In this painting I wanted to keep the bands of almost abstract colour passages as they recede to the barely visible hills and mountains and up into the winter sky. At the same time giving an indication of the purples and violets in the foreground and the rich red line of the ploughed soil. I find these muted down winter tones such a joy to paint and work so well tocapture the remoteness and winter atmosphere.

The original oil painting was done mostly outside with some touches added in the studio, it is heavily textured impasto, it is alla prima and sgraffito and on a cradled wooden panel. It is framed in a ‘St Ives’ moulding, coloured to match values in the piece itself,  the frame brings the dimensions to approximately 80 x 80 cm. The fittings are provided and the painting is ready to hang.


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