Abandoned German Gun at Fjøløy Fort




This is an oil painting on fine canvas measuring 60 x 40cm. Bella Arti is among the worlds leading producers of artists surfaces. The painting was done in the Stavanger studio, Space 2.0, after sketching on a beautifully sunny but minus 7 degrees Celsius day.

Media used for sketching was pen and wash and the scene is of the abandoned German gun left behind after the occupation of Norway during the Second World War. Originally there were three guns, this is the only surviving one although the concrete bunkers of the other two remain intact. The guns were positioned to protect the nearby Sola airport from naval attack.

This is an atmospheric place set in the beauty of the coast at Fjøløy. The sense of history is palpable and a painting became essential in order to capture part of this. The hint of the Norwegian Vimple, triangular pennant in the distance balances the oppressive feeling of occupation with the freedom currently enjoyed by the people of Norway.


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