‘Wooden’ Handmade print.

A simple linoprint inspired by trees near my home in Norway. There are eight handmade prints in the edition, image size is 15 x 30 cm and the paper size is 25 x 51 cm. Because they are handmade each one is slightly different, the image size is the same in each print although the overall paper size may vary by a few millimetres.

The simplicity of colour and unusual dimensions of the print add effect of height and atmosphere in the trees. The paper is Strathmore printing paper, a heavy cotton paper of exceptional quality, the inks used are water based and made by Schmincke. The printing process involves tearing the paper to size by hand (definitely NOT cut) after making a design in a sketchbook, this design is reversed and transferred onto a lino block. The areas to remain white are then carved away by hand using specialist hand tools, the violet is mixed and rolled onto a glass slab. a roller or brayer picks up the paint and is rolled on the lino block. The paper is lined up and placed on the block then the reverse of the paper is rubbed with a baren which does the same thing as a printing press and hey-presto the first colour is on plus any white. While that dries I carve away the lino where the first colour needs to be on the print and just repeat the procedure with the next layer, in this case black…..make sense

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