The birth of the YouTube Rookie

At Space 2.0, three artists were due to lay on a weekend of exhibited work. For various reasons, not all, but mainly down to COVID 19 this didn’t happen. I had been working very hard on this since September 2019. I really value my time and don’t believe in wasting it, so every moment I had was spent working or thinking about working when I wasn’t in the studio. We all have priorities in life and homes to run, there is no paradise where everything is taken care of by someone else, leaving an abundance of time to paint or make art. That is why I am devoted to leaving something as close to beautiful behind me. I am not a beautiful person but maybe my paintings can say the things I want to.

My studio has become a place of creation, I see the most beautiful colours here and I try to show them to you. I specifically love the colours and textures of the Norwegian landscape right now. The palette I lay out here in Norway is so different to the palette I would use in the UK, still a place of beauty but I see the difference. It’s the atmosphere, the colour and the light.

The COVID crisis prevented us from exhibiting, we planned to make a collaborative video and we couldn’t do that either so, I have had to go it alone. The original concept was to use iMovie and compile a video of my work on Norwegian landscape since I started working from my studio or a short while before but I staggered myself at the volume of this work and realised the actual video would be very long if it was to show everything of significance at enough length to study and appreciate it.

To make life easy and perhaps because I was a little impatient to throw something at the wall and see what stuck I made a short video of my eight cold wax medium paintings. It was very basic, had no music or narrative and a poor understanding of the capabilities of iMovie. Things like transitions and use of still shots. I was on a huge learning curve in terms of video capture and processing. On the plus side, I now know how to make it better, I’ve invested in a little sound equipment and will add it to the video on YouTube.

In the coming weeks I will be adding more videos featuring my work. The next one will be on my Norwegian landscape oil paintings and after that watercolours & linoprints. The last in the series will feature the encaustic program I’m currently preparing. My new mantra is to always have my camera, tripod and still camera at hand as well as the microphone set up. Who knows, in the future perhaps I might even use drone shots of plein air work!

Anyway, not a very visual post this time so enjoy the clip:

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