Stokka Nightwalk ~ Nocturne. Oil on linen, 100 x 80 cm

View this painting in The Sale Room

My evening routine always involves a bedtime walk with my labradoodle, Tanzie and I just wish I could take a decent night time photo because I’m so often struck by the beauty in the sky here on Stokka, Stavanger Norway. The light is indescribable, if I had to try I’d probably call it electrically atmospheric, almost animated. Wow! So I go crazy with my phone but the photos just never grab what I’m feeling at the time, with this painting I think I’m there.

So to try and capture this I wanted the impact of this image I decided on a large canvas, this one is 100 x 80 cm and a beautiful quality linen canvas imported from Denmark. This is worth a viewing because it’s so different to my usual work, it’s dark but there are lots of transparent glazes and linseed oil in this work, it shines and the streetlight colours pop of the surface. When appropriately lit this will dominate the wall it is hung on.

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