Sky TV Landscape Artist of the Year 2020… Episode one is on Wednesday 13th January at 8pm.

Happy New Year subscribers.

What better way to start back into blogging than to let you know something I have had to keep quiet about.

Back in July 2020 I returned to the UK to appear on Sky TV Landscape Artist of the year. Like 2019 I was asked to be reserve artist in an episode at Hackney reservoir, London. Although disappointed at not having a pod it was interesting that there were to be 6 instead of 8, meaning I would have had one if things were normal… but not much was normal about 2020.

Again, I wasn’t needed to be a replacement for any artists in the pods, so I was allowed to compete as a wildcard painter. The day was scorching, unlike the howling gale on Plymouth How in 2019. I was really pleased with the painting and had lots of great conversations with judges on and off the camera.

Houses and flat onlooking Hackney reservoir. Painted in July 2020 for Sky TV Landscape Artist of the year.

I won’t say how it went or if I actually made it to the ‘final cut’ but you can watch the programmes on the Sky Arts Channel starting Wednesday January 13th at 8pm GMT. I haven’t heard which episode I could be in. Also, Sky Arts channel is now free… although I can’t get it here in Norway. i hope you can watch it and I hope you enjoy it.

Stay safe and sane.

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