Blue Lysefjord


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An original gouache, line and traditional watercolour on Fabriano hot pressed 300gsm watercolour paper. The sky is painted in a deep gouache and has an intense calming tone while the foreground detail, in line and traditional watercolour,  is busy and vibrant. The proportions, wide and panoramic are unusual and eye catching, mounted and framed this painting will make an interesting presence when displayed.

The materials used are the finest available, the gouache (opaque watercolour) is manufactured by a leading producer, the ink is waterproof Rotring ink, the extremely fine, traditional watercolour is Schminke, one of the best in the world. Fabriano papers are among the worlds leaders in quality, this is a heavy sturdy paper with a smooth texture, superb for gouache because there are no brush marks in this type of paint.

Lysefjord, is a stunning and majestic place. It is full of atmosphere and feels different each journey made down it. This painting is from a winters day trip, heavy cloud loomed and bounced blue and violet throughout the landscape.


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