Impasto Painting on Cradled Panels ~ March 2021

Rennesøy, oil on 60 x 60 cm cradled panel

Last year I produced a series of ten abstract paintings in oil, you could say mixed media really because I used an acrylic base colour, cold wax medium, dry pigment, acrylic marker and pigment stick. These paintings are similarly produced.

There is a house back in England perched on the outskirts of the Roman Wall in Silchester, the house always catches my eye when I am out walking so I sketched it several times and even launched a drone to catch arial photos. I made two paintings of the house on Wall Lane Silchester and found a joy in the resistance offered by the solid surface of the board. It allowed me to make a whole new kind of mark using tools, knives, rollers and even skewers, overall it was fun!

Now the ice has gone here in Stavanger and colour is returning to the landscape I am using much the same techniques as I did in the House on Wall Lane and last years abstracts. My aim is to capture the bleak but inviting solitude found in so many places nearby as well as making a statement about the unique colours and the texture of scenery in Rogaland, south west Norway.

Soon four paintings emerged, almost unaided or so it seemed. Rogaland, Rennesøy, Tonstad and Fjøløy. All on beautiful, smooth cradled panels measuring 60 x 60 cm and another followed; Tonstad. Reference photos from an early attempt at piloting a drone and sketches in gouache were the inspiration for this work.


This project is ongoing and I aim to add a few more statement paintings to this collection. I have spent some time getting reference photos and sketches recently and will be back in the studio tomorrow working on the next painting which I will post about in the next blog.

Have fun and stay safe.

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