Going Public ‘Lysefjord’ in Oil & Cold Wax on YouTube

In the last blogpost I published I showed the first four paintings in a series of twelve that I am painting to mark my last few months here in Norway. They include cold wax as a medium because it is great to add to the oil paint and achieve texture and a certain quality to the paint. These photos were posted onto the Cold Wax group page on facebook and seemed very popular. The guys on that page are so chilled, enthusiastic and encouraging! Anyway, some of them inboxed me to ask for a video on my process and I happily obliged.

The fifth painting in the series was of ‘Lysefjord’ a much loved place for me. I filmed it in two parts using really basic equipment and I learned a lot from the tech side of YouTube video making. The painting is a great fit for the series and I already know what the remainder will be. I have had a couple of days out of the studio for various reason and now I am champing at the bit to return to the studio to work on painting number 6.

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