Fjøløy, Mosteroy Norway ~ Oil on linen

Fjøløy – Oil on Linen 100 x 80 cm

A beautiful place I often visit is the coast of Mostoroy in Southwest Norway. It is so atmospheric there and the landscape never fails to inspire me, the electricity in the sky was breathtaking.

I recently got some excellent stretched linen surfaces from Denmark, I’d tried linen before but the sizing on it made it feel sticky and the brush dragged a little, that put me off but I’m glad I gave it another try. This surface was a delight to work on. It’s a generous size and i enjoyed using big brushes and bold brushstrokes. I experimented in my sketchbook for the right composition and was much happier when I scrapped the grassy foreground in my original concept. It means my blues can dominate and for me that was what the painting is about. I use a lot of glazing medium in this work and it allowed layers that dried quickly and gave an attractive sheen to the surface.

I have a few more of these linen canvasses in this size and despite their high price tag they will now feature regularly in my work. I also enjoyed using the medium and will experiment more with that.

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