Autumn – my first linoprint at Space 2

The finished print resting on my print table.

Walking my dog, Tanzie is often a time when I see things in nature that inspire me. Lately we have been lucky to see the beautiful colours that Autumn brings us and I have made a multi-block print to celebrate this.

Autumnal colours – the photo from the dog walk

This was the first linocut done at my new studio in Space 2, Stavanger. It’s beginning to feel like home there, so the time was right. Looking at the photos, I settled on a design made exactly by nature of some oak leaves that were vibrant yellow with some ferns and grasses in the background.

I designed three blocks, one with the central oak leaves, another with background foliage and then the detailed reddish black. I added a text block eith the word Autumn in an arts and crafts style font. Sharpened my tools and carved, it took a couple of days to prepare the blocks.

Once the carving was done I used Canfield oil based easy wash printmaking inks and hand printed an edition of ten, hanging them on my improvised drying rack for several days between layers. The finished pieces are all very different and pleasing to the eye. I made an edition of ten although two have sold as I write this.

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