Abandoned guns at Fjøløy Fort

Fjøløy is a magical part of Norway for me and I have painted and taken photos there so often in our two years here. When I discovered the abandoned German base with its concrete gun turrets, one still with the gun barrel jutting out I was filled with fascination.

A week ago, on a very windy day, loaded with painting equipment, Tanzie and I did some exploring. Because it was too windy to expect my easel to stay up (hmmm, maybe a guy line and tent peg arrangement is the answer there) it turned into more of a reference photo gathering opportunity plus a cute little watercolour sketch.

When I reviewed the photos I found something striking, dare I say symbolic about the gun, it’s barrel poised to attack and the Norwegian flag (the triangular Vimple) flying brightly and unmolested a little in the distance. So with a fresh Bella Arti canvas measuring 60 x 40 cm mounted to the easel, no priming either, I sketched out a line drawing of the composition using the liquitex acrylic pens. I feel the beginnings of something nice here.

Liquitex marker sketch on canvas, Fjøløy Fort, Rogaland Norway.

As the Coronavirus precautions extend into everyone’s routine, we may need to do a ‘virtual exhibition’ rather than a real life one, in April. I hope not but a plan B seems necessary. So, the idea is to set up a video camera and make a short movie about the production of the painting. I’m sat at home on a rainy morning, March 19th, about to head to the studio and try this out… wish me luck.

Since writing this I posted a video on my facebook page and the Space 2.0 page, why not take a peek?

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